Building your new custom home is easier than you think.

If you have questions about the process of building a custom home, you're not alone. That's why we've provided you with an overview of the steps involved in building a custom home. 

The journey will vary a bit from person to person, but the results are well worth the investment. Living in a gorgeous custom home that uniquely reflects your tastes and preferences is an achievement, and Heritage Hills is the perfect location to realize your dream.


Phase one.

Building a custom home starts with selecting your home site and homebuilder. Four of the region’s premier builders are approved to build in Heritage Hills – Johnson and Sons, Gregg Design Custom Builders, Ades Design Builders, and Celebrity Custom Homes – because this is an important relationship in making your home truly unique. You can set an appointment to interview one or all of these approved builders, because this starts an important relationship … the beginning of a beautiful friendship, if you will.

Phase two.

Once you’ve selected your builder and your lot, you’ll need to decide what kind of home you want. You’re free to use your own architect or choose from existing plans provided by your builder and customize your new home to your liking. The design phase lasts 3-4 months if you go with your own architect or 1-2 months if you use an existing design. Meanwhile, the builder will get to work doing soil samples, surveying the property and getting the home site ready for construction.

Phase three.

Your builder will get bids from subcontractors and put together an estimate on final price. Once allowances and pricing have been explained and agreed upon by all parties, a Builders Purchase Agreement is created. The builder will keep the lot in it's name during the construction process. Your down payment (non-refundable) will be determined by the agreed upon purchase price, and is needed to start the building process. You’ll also want to make allowances for changes and finishes of about 10% above the total estimated purchase price, just to be safe. Naturally, the fewer changes you make along the way, the less the chance that extra money will be needed or that there will be any delays in the process of completing your new custom home.

Phase four.

Finally, the construction phase begins, which marks the final step to building a custom home. You’ll be invited to join the Construction Supervisor to see the progress of your new home. There are a number of important walk-through appointments that you will attend during the construction process. After all, this is your home. The construction usually takes 8-10 months. So, the time between selecting your builder and home site to being handed the keys lasts about 10-13 months. Then again, building the custom home you’ve always wanted is more than worth the wait.