Find Your Groove: Create a Routine for Back to School

Can you believe it? August is here already, which means the kids are heading back to school. This is a time for fresh starts, brimming with possibilities for what the next school year will bring. It’s an exciting time of change, to be sure, but sometimes finding a new groove can feel a bit chaotic. Establishing a routine—and most importantly, being consistent—is key to managing the transition. 

Here are some routine-inducing ideas to get your school year off to a solid start:

Morning Routines

Mornings tend to be a hectic time of day, but they don’t need to be. Remember the following and keep your mornings easy-breezy:

  • Checklists are your friend: Teach your child independence and create an age-appropriate “Good Morning” to-do list. Keep it simple, and add a suggested time allowance for each item (for instance, getting dressed should take only 1–3 minutes); this helps kids stay on task and gets them out the door on time.
  • Give yourself a cushion: Need to be up at 7:00? Consider setting the alarm for 6:45 instead, allowing yourself a 15-minute cushion. You’ll thank yourself later, when the unforeseen inevitably pops up. While you’re at it, consider placing your alarm clock across the room so you must rise to turn it off. 

After School Ideas

There’s a distinct buzzing of activity when a child arrives home from school. Harness this energy and make it a ritual to devote 10–15 minutes of listening time to catch up on what happened throughout the day. And why not have a prepared snack together while you’re at it? As for homework, there are two choices: do it straight away to get it done, or allow for a break to decompress from the day. Figure out what works best for your family and go with it.

Bedtime Routines for the School Year

Bedtime is the perfect time to practice proactivity. Take some guesswork out of the morning routine by encouraging your child to do the following:

  • Choose his or her outfit for the following day;
  • Prepare food and assemble his or her lunch box; and
  • Pack a backpack with everything he or she will need for the next day (assignments, folders, books, gym clothes/shoes, snacks, rain coat, etc.) and place it by the door for easy grab-and-go when leaving the house.

A new school year brings new routine. Choose a system, take note each day of how well it works, adjust as necessary, and remember that consistency is key. Are you ready? Take a deep breath, plunge in, and don’t forget to be present in the moment to enjoy it all. 

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