Made from the Heart: Beautiful Homemade Gift Ideas

‘Tis the season for celebrating and gift-giving, and what better way to express gratitude for those in your life than with thoughtful, handcrafted gifts from the heart? Such items go a long way in expressing your appreciation for the special people who make your life complete.

Here are 10 ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Candles Did you know? With just a few materials, you can craft candles that will burn bright and provide hours of enjoyment for a loved one. The choices in wax, color, scent, wick type, and vessel are yours—it’s fun and easy to mix up how your final products will look and smell. 
  • Bath bombsThey’re fun. They’re fizzy. And they’re super easy to DIY. Assemble some household items such as baking soda, cornstarch, and food coloring; add a dash of essential oil and a scoop of citric acid; and mold the mixture into a dazzling sphere perfect for gifting. 
  • Hand scrubIt’s incredible how easy it is to make this scrub that heightens your senses and makes your skin feel out-of-this-world luxurious—and you’ll likely already have all the ingredients in your cupboard. But why limit the pampering to just the hands? Consider supersizing the batch and indulge your loved ones with full-body exfoliation.
  • Wood-burned itemsExplore your limitless creativity to personalize or jazz up ordinary household items by wood burning them. Embellish plain kitchen utensils, or try customizing a cutting board’s surface with a printed recipe. Use your imagination . . . if it’s wood, it can be personalized. 
  • Etched glassPersonalization isn’t accomplished only by wood burning. Try your hand at etching glass and give the gift of a beautifully customized baking dish, wine goblet, or set of drinking glasses.
  • Custom perfume with essential oilsSay good-bye to overpowering store-bought perfumes and hello to the subtle scent of handcrafted fragrances. Almond oil acts as a base for these customizable perfumes with rollerball applicators. Choose just-right essential oils to complement each giftee’s personality (ylang ylang, vanilla, and lavender are excellent choices).
  • Mason jar magicFrom savory soup mixes and delectable sweet treats to slurpable beverages and crunchy confections, mason jars are an ideal vessel for delivering easily assembled, delicious gifts. They are delightful to create, so consider making an extra for yourself!
  • Bath saltsA bath filled with relaxing, detoxifying bath salts is a true indulgence. Pair this hand-mixed gift with some homemade candles, add a bottle of wine, and know you’re giving the gift of a night of self-pampering. 
  • PotpourriDitch the artificial smells and fake colors of dried potpourri and opt for freshly prepared natural aromatics instead. Concoct your own recipes with apple peels, lemon slices, cinnamon sticks, orange peels, whole cranberries, cloves . . . the scent-sational list goes on. Pack the peels in pretty jars and affix a stylish label with instructions to add water and simmer these decadent concoctions.
  • PlantersConcrete and cement have found a new home among creative DIYers. Taking a fresh look at old items, you can breathe new purpose into differently shaped items around your home by using them as molds for planters, or mold the shapes by hand. Once dried, add some soil and a succulent and you’ve created an adorable planter any recipient will be proud to display.

With a touch of creativity and a little extra time, handcrafting gifts for your friends and loved ones exponentially expresses your gratitude for them. Happy holidays!

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