Preparation Tips for Summer Travel

Hitting the road (or airways) for a well-deserved vacation this summer? Whether you road-trip to Yellowstone, cruise the Gulf of Mexico, or fly to France, there are a few preparations you can take to ensure getting out the door is a breeze. 

Adventure awaits! Keep these tips in mind for a stress-free departure:

Arrange Care for Your Pets While You Are Gone

Leaving animal members of your family behind? Whether your pets have four legs or no legs, you’ll want to make sure they are cared for while you’re away. For this you have many options, depending on your animal needs: 

What to Do With Your Plants When You Travel

Make a plan to water both indoor and outdoor plants while you’re gone. For garden beds where sprinklers don’t reach, consider investing in a hose timer and discreet soaker hose. Inside, give your houseplants a substantial dousing. Most indoor plants will survive just fine for a week or so without watering. If your trip will be longer, consider arranging for a neighbor to pop over and give the plants a drink—or procure one of these self-watering helpers.

Consider Holding Your Mail

Will you be gone longer than a few days? Head to and take advantage of its Hold Mail offering. This convenient service ensures your mail is safe, secure, and not accumulating in your mailbox. 

Don’t Leave Home Without It

  • For grab-and-go convenience, assemble a bag ahead of time with items you might not consider when doing a full-blown packing session: headphones, electronics chargers, ear plugs, travel pillow, etc. 
  • Always give your wallet a quick glance and be sure you’ve got your ID, credit card(s), medical insurance card, and at least a couple $20s in case you run into a cash-only situation. 
  • Traveling by plane or attending a Broadway play? Confirm you’re in possession of any necessary tickets (printed or electronic).
  • If you’ll have kids in tow, consider making these personalizable bags. Fill them with snacks and replenish each day, or stock them with fun activities (Mad Libs, coloring book, etc.).
  • Download an ebook or audiobook for hours of entertainment. 

If you like these ideas, consider printing a custom “Travel Prep” list and laminating it. Every time you travel, just take out the checklist and a dry-erase marker and leave home with confidence—easy peasy! So now that you’re prepared, where will your adventures take you this summer?

Heritage Hills is a tight-knit gated community in Lone Tree, CO. With its easy access to Denver International Airport and major interstates, travel opportunities for residents of this thriving community are endless. Contact us today and learn more about the many benefits of living in Heritage Hills.

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